New Master Sword Prop From Nintendo!

It looks like Nintendo is definitely getting ready for the release of Skyward Sword. Pictured here is Briana McIvor the host of Electric Playground attempting to pull a promotional Master Sword from a Pedestal of Time. This is the latest promotional prop by Nintendo out for the upcoming release this November. Of course she couldn’t resist trying to pull it from the stone. Any one of us would have done the same thing given the chance.

This is definitely not a new move on Nintendo’s part, they have been known for their amazing promotional displays and giveaways before. Now Nintendo is putting forth some amazing effort in replicating a Master Sword for the upcoming release. Normally I would come to expect a cardboard standee of Link with a sword in hand but a Master Sword prop? That is going beyond all expectations.

I love this, personally I love almost all promotional materials and display props like this but a Master Sword? That is almost perfect! Now I wonder if any game stores near where I live will have one on display, I would love to see one of these up close. I know I will be checking around to see if a Gamestop near me has one.

So what do you think? Impressed with the sword? Even more excited for Skyward Sword? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku

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