Can you handle the hype? Following the earlier Famitsu Magazine scans and translated game details we posted, the Japanese website for Hyrule Warriors has updated their gallery with plenty of new screenshots and character profiles, including the Ocarina of Time DLC costumes for Link and Zelda. We’re given a better look at the Water Temple, Death Mountain, and Faron Woods stages, as well as Impa and Lana’s new weapons.

It is interesting to see Impa interact with Sheik in a couple of the images, especially because of the direction the story will take at that point. I did notice that the author of the Famitsu article gave a little bit of suspense regarding this particular story arc. Eiji Aonuma most likely approves. The screenshots highlight the previously translated information such as finding Golden Skulltulas, using the Boomerang, and the boss encounter with Gohma. The images also suggest that the battle with her moves to various locations.

The Great Deku Tree makes an appearance in both Faron Woods and in one of Lana’s attacks. Other playable newcomers to the game are Darunia, who descends in all his fiery glory, and Princess Ruto, who looks to be a very graceful fighter. For now, the site hints that there is still more news to come. With only a couple weeks left until the game releases in Japan, are you excited to find out more? We should see new character videos in a short while.

Sources: Zelda Musou

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