With the countdown to release for Hyrule Warriors in Japan left at only two days, it’s no surprise that the game is receiving plenty of attention. It isn’t too late to board the hype train, folks! Why? Well, Koei Tecmo has presented a new character trailer for Zant, also known as the Usurper King from Twilight Princess. He is one of the playable villains in Hyrule Warriors, announced in this month’s recent Nintendo Direct. Zant is still as zany as ever, and his moveset looks like it might just steal the spotlight from everyone else. In battle he uses a combination of his scimitars and powerful magic spells, showing no mercy at all. One of the most familiar of his abilities is his spell that increases his size, which he demonstrates by diving onto the battlefield, therefore wiping out a spectacular amount of his foes. That one scores you a 9, Zant.

The unpredictability and peculiarity he is known for are well captured in Hyrule Warriors. All of his moves are very entertaining to watch, and dare I say thrilling? Zant appears to be in a good mood himself. It’s always fun to see a villain who finds delight in bringing about destruction, right? Later in the video, we also get a look at the boss fight with Manhandla. Zant is seen using a guard skill against one of its attacks before returning to the fight. It should be interesting to see each character’s boss finisher with each of their various weapon types.

So, are you excited to finally be able to play as one of your favorite villains? I never really was a fan of Zant’s bizarre ways, but he certainly has my attention now. Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments!

Hyrule Warriors makes its way to Europe on September 19 and for North America, September 26.

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