New Forums Launched

After a few months without our own forum, we have now launched a brand new one, The Dark World. First and foremost I’d like to thank Killswitch from Zelda Legacy for allowing us to share our previous forum, the Chamber of Sages for several months.

This new forum will be quite different than our previous forum and most Zelda forums in general. The rules and such explain this all but they are quite lengthy. Rather than cluttering this area, they will be posted under the announcements on the forums.

The launch of the forums also brings the return of an old Webmaster here at the site, Cartoons. He helped setup the newest incarnation of the forum, in addition to bringing back the image gallery a few months back and cleaning out several pages of the site.

Phantom Hourglass content is still being worked on greatly and expect another portion of the walkthrough and a few side pages up within the next few days.

Zelda Dungeon Forum – The Dark World

Phantom Hourglass Bosses
Phantom Hourglass Enemies
Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers
Phantom Hourglass Items
Phantom Hourglass Maps
Phantom Hourglass Sand of Hours
Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Part 1
Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Part 2

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