Today, Nintendo has released two new English trailers for Hyrule Warriors, showcasing Twilight Princess characters Midna and Agitha’s playing style. Each character’s name, title and weapon of choice are displayed in a subtitle as they are introduced.

Midna enters as the Twilight Princess and Agitha is the Princess of the Insect Kingdom. Moving on to the gameplay, Midna fights alongside a Shadow Wolf she is able to summon and uses powerful magic while Agitha uses her parasol to fight and commands insects larger than life to assist her in battle. Midna’s weapon in her video is a Shackle, and

fans speculate this may refer to Cia’s binding spell over her.

You can find more information

on our Wiki, or at our Hyrule Warriors Walkthrough. You can also discuss this game with fellow fans on our Future Zelda Game Forum. With all of these awesome new fighters, are you excited for Hyrule Warriors yet? Which character strikes your fancy? Bring some positivity to the comments section below!

Source: YouTube

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