New Content Writers Needed

Uncle SamHere at Zelda Dungeon we are on the brink of launching several new projects in the next few weeks and months, but we need a couple of additional writers in order to achieve our goals. In particular, what we are looking for are people that can write detailed descriptions and strategies of specific Zelda related events within games. We have a couple of elaborate projects in the works, but in order to bring this to fruition, we need a couple new bodies to help us out.

So if you have interest in helping out here at Zelda Dungeon, feel free to send in an application. Since the additional staff members we are looking for are primarily for writing purposes, please include a sample of your writing. This can be Zelda related, such as a paragraph or two about a particular character, boss, or enemy in a specific Zelda game. We aren’t necessarily looking for what you are writing about, but more so, the level of detail, your writing style, and how easy it is to follow. You can send e-mails and applications directly to me at In your application, please include the following information…

1. Your Name/Nickname, Location, and Age. (We usually only accept applicants that are 16 years of age)
2. Your Skype username. (If you don’t have Skype, download it by clicking here.)
3. A two-paragraph sample of your writing as stated in the paragraph above.

Remember, Zelda Dungeon is just a fan website, and thus, everything is done in a volunteer way. Granted if what you are working on requires certain hardware, software, or anything else, this can be provided to you by Zelda Dungeon. Some other compensation is available for long-time and standout staff members.

Thanks and good luck to all those that apply.

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