The New Nintendo 3DS has released in Japan today (well, technically tomorrow, which is today in Japan) and boast marked performance increases over the original model and 3DS XL. While there are some minor speed differences when it comes to navigating the OS and booting the systems up, by far the biggest difference is in pure download speeds. In a direct comparison a user on YouTube was downloading a demo and playing it for what felt like at least a minute or two before the old 3DS models finished downloading. When the download completed on the New Nintendo 3DS, the old one was just under halfway through the exact same download. That’s a fairly signification difference.

I would assume the obviously better network card could also help with connection issues with online play, resulting in less lag. Still, I need to recover my Digital Download of A Link Between Worlds down the road and it appears I should wait until I get the New Nintendo 3DS in 2015. The only question I have left is if I should get the regular edition or XL.

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