In this morning’s Nintendo Direct feed, Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo EAD is working on new entries in the 3D Mario line and the Mario Kart series. While this isn’t particularly surprising, what is exciting is that both games will be playable on the show floor at E3 2013. That’s right, in June, Nintendo fans everywhere will have a glimpse into the next smash Mario game in beautiful HD, and a new Mario Kart to boot.

Soon we’ll be able to play Mario Kart with our friends on Wii U, an experience casual and hardcore gamers alike have been looking forward to since the console’s announcement. Surely the game will feature the same Wii Remote controls as before, but single player could very well have enhanced gameplay on the GamePad for items, maps, and what have you. Especially cool is that this time around, there won’t be a fifth wheel; with the GamePad, Mario Kart U will hopefully allow up to six players at once.

On the other side of the coin, we have the next 3D Mario experience coming our way. 3D Mario titles are Nintendo’s sacred cow, and hopefully this one will even exceed the acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy. Besides your favorite kingdom in fully-realized HD, what are you hoping to see in the next Mario title? More Galaxy-styled gameplay? The return of F.L.U.D.D.? How about four-player capabilities à la Super Mario 64 DS? Or would you rather see the series expand in unprecedented ways? The possibilities are endless!

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