Hot Girls

Alright so I know there are going to be comments from folks complaining about hot women in bikini’s appearing on the site, and some mentioning it would okay if there were men to compensate. Well, let me start by saying this: I only ever look up pictures of women, so if you want men you will need an entirely different news poster around these parts. Sorry ladies!

Anyways, this update is to point out some very obvious changes made around the site today. For starters, the featured box is gone and replaced with a snazzy header. I know there were people who used it, but the featured box was bugged, and frankly not enough people used it to warrant the extra load time on the site. On top of that, away went our tabbed navigation, something we were actually proud of when this layout launched earlier this year.

Unfortunately, outside of the tabbed menu being poorly coded, it was a severe cause of lag on the site, and we found that while it feels effective to us, the clicking trend shows that people simple aren’t navigating through the other tabs. So, we have gotten rid of the tabs, severely reduced the amount of links needed to navigate around the site (thus simplifying our navigation overall) and brought back our game index pages! While I had good reason to remove them before, I do think we can provide at least a nice hub gather ground for game information, similar to how the Skyward Sword section presently works. Besides, we don’t want people to forget that we provide a spoiler free Spirit Tracks Walkthrough, a Link’s Awakening Video Walkthrough, or the fact we will be offering a Skyward Sword Walkthrough.

Why was all this done? To improve the speed and performance of the site, while bringing back the content we know some of you direly missed. I think, to this point, it’s a success. From my own speed tests, the overall speed of Zelda Informer as increased by almost 400%, which is a pretty big number. Hopefully, the speed increase is universal for everyone. Enjoy your time at Zelda Informer as we continue to optimize the site, and provide content you care about.

Oh and a little blurb from our recovering action star Damir:

It’s been ages since we’ve had tits on the front page

Well my friend, I solved that one.

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