Zelda Playing Pan FluteYesterday we revealed to you a new musical instrument available in Spirit Tracks. We also told you smoking is cool, and the chicks dig it. Of course, my viewpoints are the opposite, but still that doesn’t deter the fact that today’s news reveals more details about Spirit Tracks. Today we bring you screenshots of the item in use.

So if you’re not too busy trying to look hip like Nick or getting down with the latest fashion styles, hop inside to see what these screens reveal.

As you can see in the screen above and to your right, apparently the Pan Flute originally belonged to Zelda herself. What other sort of implications that may mean are not known at this time. What is known is that the look of the Lokomo has been confirmed. For those unaware, the Lokomo are the protectors of the land. In essence, they are sages under a different title.

Head on over to our image gallery to see more screens of the Pan Flute in action, including a screen showing how to play the instrument.

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