Nintendo of Europe did us all a huge favor and posted the new Ocarina of Time 3D screens shown during Iwata’s keynote. You’ll see samples of more content from Adult Link’s portion of the game, including the Hylian Bazaar (pictured above), battles with Phantom Ganon and a pair of Stalfos in the Forest Temple, the horse race against Ingo, and Link in his Zora Tunic diving to the bottom of the Water Temple. For posterity I’m also reposting the duet with Sheik here as well. Check inside for the rest of the screens.

ocarina_3d_gdc11_img2.jpg ocarina_3d_gdc11_img3.jpg ocarina_3d_gdc11_img4.jpg

ocarina_3d_gdc11_img5.jpg ocarina_3d_gdc11_img6.jpg

Source: Nintendo Press

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