Ocarina Playing

The other day I compiled everything we know about Ocarina of Time 3D’s Ocarina controls, and now Mases from Zelda Dungeon has gone over it in more detail, based upon his hands on experience at the special press event.

Mases notes this as one of the best changes made to the controls, deeming it “significantly easier and more fluid”. As I suspected, he confirms that it is playable both through the face buttons as well as the touch screen icons.

He mentions how it is much better having the song lists quickly accessible when playing your Ocarina, instead of having to pause to check what the notes are. In this 3DS version, there is no need to really even pause the game because the touch menus can be used during gameplay.

One area that might frustrate experienced players who are able to instinctively play the songs is how there is no connection to how they were played originally. Zelda’s Lullaby for instance is originally Left, Up, Right – which on the 3DS buttons translates to Y, X,A. However, the actual way to play the song is X,A,Y. That really shouldn’t take too long to get used to, although perhaps a tad annoying. Hardly an issue though.

Source: Zelda Dungeon

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