Super Pokemon Rumble Box Art

So, a few days back we reported on a new Pokemon game coming to the 3DS, Super Pokemon Scramble. Today we have some new information about the game. Much of it confirms that it is very similar to it’s predecessor, Pokemon Rumble. But, there are some new game modes and special functionality for the 3DS. Plus, we can now see some nifty boxart, pictured left.

Here’s what we know about Super Pokemon Rumble so far:

  • There are a variety of areas to obtain Pokemon in.
  • You defeat other Pokemon to gain new ones.
  • Boss Pokemon appear at the end of each area.
  • You can communicate with your friends’ games to obtain new Pokemon.
  • Different Pokemon of the same species may know different moves.
  • Pokemon can be taught stronger moves.
  • Pokemon Battle Challenge Mode lets you battle all of your collected Pokemon.
  • You can proceed to areas with stronger Pokemon after winning.
  • All Pokemon are your enemies in Battle Royale Mode.
  • You can battle until you have one Pokemon left.
  • Charge Battles pit you against groups of 10 Pokemon.
  • You can battle passers by with StreetPass.

Source: GoNintendo

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