Our Ally, the Hylia has reported on some more Phantom Hourglass information made available.

–Fishing and Treasure hunting will be included in the game.
–Rupee Likes will make a return as an enemy in the game.
–The Gorons will play a part as well as some new races.
–Salvatore from the Wind Waker will make a return in the game.
–There is an ice section in the game.
–The ship can be customized.

All this information was originally from GoNintendo……but wait, there is more. The Hylia also translated the information that was in the scan. The scans can be viewed here for Page 1 and Page 2. Rather than rephrasing it, I’ll let their exclusive information speak for itself…

-Once a Phantom sees you in the underground temple, he’ll follow you. You can’t beat him, but he can kill you with a single blow. The only way to get away from him is getting to a “sacred area”.

-There will be many events when you’re sailing. For example, you’ll have to fight a mysterious woman who suddenly gets on your ship.

-The new race featured on the article is called “yukiwaroshi.”

Thanks a lot to The Hylia

Source: GoNintendo, The Hylia

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