Monolith SoftwareWith the bad news about Irrational Games, at least we have some good news and a possible title for the Wii U. Monolith Software has posted a three page interview with its core programming staff. We don’t know much about the game yet, but they do give us their goals.

The interview was conducted by Monolith CEO Hirohide Sugiura. Toshiaki Yajima (main programmer on Xenosaga and Dragon Ball Kai), Katsunori Sakai (main programmer on Xenoblade, event system programmer on Disaster) and Michihiko Inaba (Xenosaga, Soma Bringer) answered the questions asked during the interview. The company has been researching on other company’s works, which includes HD. Of course, that means we will be seeing something special for the Wii U.

Monolith is very excited about the upcoming Wii U. They hope to be able to show what they’ve accomplished on the new console. They are quite confident about completing an HD game, and I’m sure they will make something just as awesome as they have in the past. With the new physics and shaders, they will be able to use expressions more.

One of the key subjects they spoke about that really got my attention was about the Wii U controller. They want to try out a game that shows separate action on the Wii U controller. Whether or not it will be more than just an inventory screen is extremely important to me, since I want to use the new controller to its full potential.

As I stated earlier, they are making a Wii U title. They plan on surprising us all, which makes me both excited and nervous. They want to prove that Japan can bring out the technology in games just as well as America. Their target is to the level of Fallout maker Bethesda Softworks. They already have a design document drafted, which is extremely promising. I’ve written a design document myself for a game, and it is a basic seventy page document. Most professional game design documents these days take up hundreds, and have more than just one creative mind at work.

Many people are defensive on how HD doesn’t make a game better. Personally, I think HD games are great. I love how realistic things look, but if the game is crap, the game is crap. I hope they don’t lose the gift they already have to HD.

If you want to read up on the entire interview, follow the sources.

Source: GoNintendo

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