Nintendo ally Monolith Soft, the company behind Baten Kaitos, recent masterpiece Xenoblade Chronicles, and the eventual Wii U JRPG X, opened a second studio in Kyoto a few years ago to collaborate with the Nintendo headquarters on their home-based projects. The sub-developer has about thirty employees that help Nintendo proper with their larger projects, particularly in the graphics department, it would seem. They were involved in the development of Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword previously, and have now added A Link Between Worlds to their list.

This time, though, Monolith’s branch office had a bigger role to play than usual. Hiromasa Shikata, who works for the branch, made his directorial debut with A Link Between Worlds. Judging by the world’s reaction, that must have been a pretty satisfying debut. Monolith has been making quite a name for themselves.

Source: Nintendo Online (German ahead)

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