Remember how in my last news entry I said there was a chance the next Legend of Zelda title could be shown during next year’s E3? Sadly, according to a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, it seems it will not.

target=”_blank”>The Official Nintendo Magazine, during an interview for Wii Music, asked the famed producer what the deal was regarding the next Zelda, and he replied:

“I’m really not sure when we’ll be able to make a public announcement on [the next Zelda title]. I can’t even say if the next E3 will be the right opportunity to do so. But rest assured, our teams are working on new projects right now.”

Doesn’t sound too likely, but there’s still a small chance we could see it, so don’t be too bummed. And hey, we really don’t want them to rush anything, do we? I know I’d like to see them take their time with this one, and hell, Phantom Hourglass has only been out for a year. Read the full article


In other news, we have some content updates for you guys today: boss guides for

target=”_blank”>Link’s Awakening,

target=”_blank”>Four Swords Adventures, and

target=”_blank”>Phantom Hourglass. The first was written by staff member MDK and coded by our webmaster UncleMeat, and the latter two were written by our content editor JayMarshall and coded by yours truly.


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