MTV Multiplayer recently sat down with Shigeru Miyamoto, who shared his

feelings on Twilight Princess and what he thinks the next Zelda title needs to be.

Miyamoto: “What I’ve been saying to our development teams recently is that Twilight Princess was not a bad game, by any means. But, still, it felt like there was something missing.

Of course, as is customary with Nintendo, it’s very rare that we are

able to announce any games until they’re ready for release, but I can

say that these are themes that both of those teams are taking into

account and the hope is that for both of those franchises, when we do

release the next installments of the Zelda [franchise] or maybe the next Mario Galaxy, hopefully they will feel newer and fresher than their most recent versions.”

Miyamoto’s words certainly match up with what the Zelda community has been saying for a while now—that the game felt like a rehashing of older ideas. Personally, one thought stuck out in my mind during my first playthrough of Twilight Princess: This is Ocarina of Time with a better paint job. So I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s comforting to finally hear Miyamoto admit that things need to change… assuming it wasn’t a mistranslation.

Full interview here.

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