Apparently Miyamoto is working his arse off on a the new 3DS Mario title hoping to have it out by the Holidays. Could this be a sincere desire to finish the title, or is it merely a ploy to get something out to push 3DS sales for Christmas? Who knows, but what I hope they realize is that no one wants a rushed game. I’m not saying Miyamoto is rushing it in the slightest, but it’s always a concern. No one truly expects this title until maybe early 2012. We’ll definitely have a more finite goal for the title announced at E3, so until then let’s simply discuss why this title needs to happen. Hop inside.

For starters, the 3D effect has yet to really show a true benefit to gaming, but every time that is brought up Nintendo points to how it can improve the Mario experience. Well, we all want to see that firsthand. Right now the 3D effect is “cool”, and I think most people are happy to have experienced it, but without 3D streaming Netflix right now, no one has seemed to find any actual gameplay improvements because of the 3D. Mario is supposed to be a proof of the 3D concept improving gameplay, and in theory it sounds like it should (depth of field could be really useful, especially in a Mario Galaxy type game).

So outside of the fact it will surely boost console sales, it’s more like a milestone game. If Skyward Sword is the proving ground that Motion combat can and should be a superior method for adventure style games, then Mario for the 3DS is the proving ground that 3D is more than a gimmick. While I could speculate all day on what I want from this version of Mario, I am more interested in what you guys want. To you, what would make the perfect 3DS Mario game?


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