Are you still wondering why Nintendo chose to remake one of GameCube’s greatest titles, The Wind Waker, for its most recent console, Wii U? Nintendo sure left a lot of Majora’s Mask fans isolated when revealing that this HD remake would be the next Zelda title to release and considering the original game, after 10 years, still does not look outdated many do wonder if The Wind Waker really needs to be remade.

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed in an interview with news publisher ABC as to why The Wind Waker was indeed the chosen Zelda game to be remade for Wii U. He explains in this interview that the visual style for The Wind Waker was a strong reason as to why Nintendo was so ambitious and details as to what they can expect this updated version to bring to gamers’ attention.

Are you interested in what Mr. Miyamoto said particularly about The Wind Waker for Wii U and why they chose to remake this Zelda title? If so, then click the jump below and find out!

Mr. Miyamoto explains that Nintendo believes the HD resolution capability of Wii U will take the animation of The Wind Waker to the next level giving it a very realistic look. You can read the full quote given by Mr. Miyamoto below:

“Sort of similar to that with the decision on Wind Waker in particular, the animation style of the original Wind Waker, we felt that HD could really sort of breathe new life into that animation style and so that was the reason we went into that direction.”

Another reason for Nintendo to choose The Wind Waker as a HD remake for Wii U over other Zelda titles, such as Majora’s Mask, is that it would appeal to far more gamers, especially those who haven’t purchased a Wii U console yet. The gameplay of Majora’s Mask would not seem as appealing because of its constant traveling back to the first day and does not offer as much freedom to roam around without needing to check the time routinely. Using Link to sail around the Great Sea would also be a more eye-catching experience for younger gamers to be interested in asking their parents for a Zelda title.

Do you think Mr. Miyamoto gives a legitimate reason for the choice of The Wind Waker being remade on Wii U? Would you prefer a different Zelda title to be developed for the HD experience? Be sure to share your thoughts in our comments section below!

Source: GenGAME