Miniature Mask Wall Hangs For Sale

MasksWe seem to be having a run of fan made items recently, especially shields, but there’s always something great to show off. This time, though, it’s something a little more professional that you can buy through Storm Cup Creations: mask wall hangings. Among other things, the company makes small versions of numerous masks from Majora’s Mask that can be hung and displayed on walls– and they look really good.

Take the jump to see some of what’s on offer.





At $20.00 each they may be a tad expensive for what they are, especially as they’re only around 4 inches tall, but they are well made and hand painted so what you get will stand the test of time. I quite like the Keaton Mask and Mask of Truth but all of them would look great on display. There are currently ten different masks being sold so click here to see what else is available, including Kafei’s Mask, the Blast Mask, and the Bunny Hood. Here’s hoping they add all the other masks to the collection. If not all, which in particular would you like to see added?

Source: Storm Up Creations

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