I’m sure you people of the internet have heard of Minecraft, the incredibly popular sandbox experience which allows one to build and explore to their heart’s content. Well, add one more item to that description: a mod paying homage to the Legend of Zelda franchise! This mod currently boasts five dungeons inspired by the seminal A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time; with such inspiration under its belt, it’s got to be good. I have downloaded this mod and you can see initial impressions as well as the official trailer after the jump.

As soon as you fire it up, you know you’re not playing Minecraft anymore: a cutscene showing Princess Zelda crying out for help beckons you into the unfamiliar world of Hyrule, with a Navi-esque flyover introducing you to the familiar forest of Kokiri. That’s when the music kicks in, ushering in memories of a bygone era with Ocarina of Time’s Kokiri Forest theme. Then, just as you think that this might end up being some run-of-the-mill, amateurish attempt at conveying the magic that is Zelda, you meet the Old Man and aquire the Kokiri Sword; after which you make your way through a norrow corridor leading out of the vicinity, and you find yourself stepping into the Forest Temple, errie music and all. This was the first time that I have ever felt like I was truly stepping into the unknown: having to drop down a hole in the middle of the floor and winding up in the basement of the dungeon, not knowing what was ahead or if I would be able to get out in one piece. It’s those situations, coupled with the familiar music and atmosphere, that make you realize, this isn’t your typical Minecraft Mod; this is The Legend of Zelda, only Minecraft-ized…

Feel free to try this modification out and give your own impressions and comments. You can find the download link at the official Minecraft Forums.

P.S. Be advised, I did experience a few bugs in my time with the game: some chunks refuesed to load properly, potentially spoiling the inside of a dungeon and outside area; in addition, the boss music continued to play following the battle in the Forest Temple, which served to detriment the atmosphere ever so slightly. Both issues however, were rectified upon restarting the AdventureCraft client.

So for those of you who have tried out this modification, what did you think? Does it actually feel Zelda-ish? Could they have done more with it? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: Joystiq

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