Michael Phelps takes a break from watching old Cheech and Chong re-runs and eating mountains of blueberry pancakes to inform us of his favorite NES games. While we here at ZeldaInformer certainly aren’t green with envy of the guy’s current situation, we still figured sharing this with you all should be high on our priority list.

As posted on his Twitter page:

Top 3 original NES games: 1. The Legend of Zelda 2. Super Mario Bros. 1 3. Contra What’s yours!?

With a number one choice like that, I think Michael and I would get along great—we could probably even be buds in real life! Good to see he didn’t choose something awful like Bart vs. The Space Mutants, though, or else his reputation would totally go up in smoke.

And since the guy did ask us for our picks:

1) The Legend of Zelda

2) Battletoads

3) Super Mario Bros. 3

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