93 seems to be Ocarina of Time 3D‘s magic number in terms of German reviewers. A couple weeks ago GamePro Germany gave the game that score, and now M!Games has turned in their verdict as well! While it’s hard to tell what aspects of the game really shined and which ones knocked it down a point or two based on the review snippet, we do hear a little bit about what this reviewer thought. Check out the translation below, courtesy of Laice Aterna over at GoNintendo:

  • Incl. Master Quest and Boss Challenge.
  • All graphics completely redone.
  • Pre-ordering gets you a poster and a 3DS carrying bag.
  • The depth effects are sometimes subtle, sometimes intense and appear well-balanced – a positive aspect. However it gets broken as soon as you move the actual handheld when targeting or looking around.

Verdict: All time classic. An adventure with a superb design, which has only lost a tiny bit of its appeal over the years.

Overall: 93

Singleplayer: 10 of 10

Graphic: 8 of 10

Sound 9 of 10

Anyone else find it a little odd that pre-order bonuses are getting listed in a review summary? Either way, while a 93% rating isn’t the best by any means, it’s actually more or less what I think we ought to expect given that this is a remake. Especially when you factor in the idea that the 3D effect, one of the major selling points of this title, gets ruined by a core mechanic of the game (gyroscope aiming). That’s certainly bound to sting a little.

Source: M!Games, via GoNintendo

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