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I’d just like keep the few frequenters of the Zelda Dungeon forum community up to date on what has gone on the past few days. We’ve experienced a lot of downtime over the past few days at the Dark World due to database errors with new forum upgrades that we’ve made. It appears that all has been repaired and the forums are running very smoothly.

I’d also like to mention that the Dark World is in the process of somewhat of an overhaul. We have two new administrators, Dabombster and Avenged. Dabombster is a current content writer and a former forum administrator at another Zelda website. Avenged is a former webmaster here at Zelda Dungeon as well as a webmaster of his own website, Zelda Chronicles. A more formal announcement will be given within the forums in the next few days, explaining the reasoning for the new promotions as well as all the new changes that are going along with the new promotions.

I’d also like to give a mention about our affiliate listing. When we switched over to the new layout a few weeks back, we gained a bunch of new affiliates. I never mentioned them specifically with everything else we’ve had going on, but almost all of the ‘gaming sites’ that you see to the right are new affiliates. Just yesterday we affiliated with two Final Fantasy websites, FF-XIII and their sister site Final Fantasy XIII. Both sites cover the upcoming Final Fantasy 13.

With that in mind I’d like to encourage any fans out there who have a Zelda website or any sort of gaming website to apply for affiliation. We’re always looking to grow our listing, securing new incoming links, and increasing exposure to other great websites. Check out the Affiliation page via the Zelda Dungeon quick menu at the top of the banner for more information. Stay tuned as new content updates are on their way.

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