Master Sword Replicas

Master_Sword_in_the_Lost_WoodsWe all have our way of showing our love for the Zelda series. Some show it by cosplay, others do it with tattoos, and then you have some make real life replicas of the Master Sword. Yes, life sized replicas of the sword that repels all evil and helps Link save the princess and free the land of Hyrule game after game. Over the course of two years, hard work, and trial and error, creator kevlargorilla has step by step created amazing Master Swords. The swords that he has chosen for his art are the ones from Ocarina Of Time and Skyward Sword.

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The first version from Ocarina of Time:

Master sword 2

Second version from Ocarina of Time:

Mastersword 3

The Skyward Sword version:


Good news for those of you who are interested in his work. He is currently selling his pieces, and if you want something custom made you can get a hold of him at his site, Heroic Replicas, or email at Stainless steel replicas go for $395, and finished replicas start at $695. Leather inlaid pedestals are $195.

I think that he takes the time to build these and has such a passion for the Legend of Zelda is quite remarkable and hope he continues to do so for years to come.

Do you guys think he has gone above and beyond to show his fandom or do you think otherwise? Leave us some comments below and tell us what you think.

Source: reddit