Kinetic art has become a growing passion for me over the past several months. I’ve really come to appreciate how much movement and energy can add to other more traditional forms of visual art. With that said, consider me awestruck when I came across this impressive Wind Waker-inspired automaton created by Chinese Zelda fan Wild hui uncle. An impressive accomplishment, this mechanical marvel captures the whimsical energy of sailing across the Great Sea in The Wind Waker.

Depicting Link and the King of Red Lions as they sail across of the waves of the Great Sea, this wooden automaton by Wild hui uncle comes to life in the most exciting of ways. With the turn of a crank, mechanisms raise and lower elements of the sculpture, including the waves, a trio of seagulls, and our heroes themselves. The automaton thus recreates the animations of the game like few pieces of physical art can, a true testament to Wild hui uncle’s talent and creativity. And we can’t ignore the artist’s attention to detail either, as every part of the piece was beautifully hand painted to best represent The Wind Waker‘s style.

What do you think of this Wind Waker automaton? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Wild hui uncle (via Geoff Keighley, Dual Shockers)

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