Today’s Nintendo Direct gave us a clear view as to what we can expect from Mario Kart 8‘s first DLC-pack featuring Link!

The downloadable content holds, among other things, two new map packs; the Triforce Cup and the Egg Cup. The first holds the following tracks: Warios’s Gold Mine (returning from Mario Kart Wii’s rendition), Rainbow Road (from the SNES), Ice Ice Outpost, and the beautiful Hyrule Circuit. The latter includes Yoshi’s Circuit (GCN), Excitebike Arena, Dragon Driftway, and Mute City.

Today we saw further footage of all the above tracks, once again proving that Mario Kart 8 is one of the most easthetically pleasing games on the Wii U. Hryuel Circuit is base on, what seems to be Twilight Princess; Hyrule Castle features arches in the same style as Twilight Princess‘ version of the building. It starts out on Hyrule Field, after which it moves on to Hyrule Castle town, then Hyrule Catle, finishing off on Hyrule Field once more. Hyrule Castle features a central room where the Master Sword is displayed. The track also features some lovely details, such as the coins turning into rupees.

Link was also shown off to large extent, with some interesting observations being that when h performs a trick he displays a Master Sword or a Triforce.

This DLC pack seems to hold a lot of polished and detailed content, be sure to check out the videos below to make your own observations!

Also, let us know what you think of the new tracks, and also tell us if we missed some small details, all in the comment section below the article!

Source: Nintendo, See videos

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