About a week or so ago, we informed you nutcases about Majora’s Mask finally hitting the Wii’s Virtual Console in Japan. As expected, the hardcore-fan-favorite is now available in Europe, as well. As also expected, it will cost 1000 points to download. Hopefully, we’ll be following this in a few weeks with a confirmation of a North American release.


The King Speaks The Truth

Majora’s Mask is a game beloved by the ZeldaInformer community, the staff especially. Way back in August of 2007, during our second month of existence, we held a special “Majora’s Mask Month”, which kicked off the first of many themed months to come. During the celebration, five articles were released, each covering different aspects of the game—the world, masks, music, characters, and the affects the impending doom had on the characters. They’re available for your reading pleasure here.

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