Zelda Youtuber and theorist GameOverJesse has released another awesome theory, this time looking at Majora’s Mask and the similarities between adult Link and Fierce Deity Link. The theory also tells of an idea that Majora and the Fierce Deity are perhaps counterparts to Hyrule’s Link and Ganondorf, imprisoned in masks rather than resurrected iteratively.

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An interesting Termina-based theory from GameOverJesse, the above video draws up the similarities between Fierce Deity Link, Adult Link, Ganondorf and Majora, suggesting that they are the same in parallel worlds. This really does draw a link between worlds, if you’ll pardon the pun. Jesse also even references Dragon Ball Z in this theory, which insinuates that his power level is over 9000. My favourite suggestion from the theory is the idea that the gods of Termina imprisoned the Fierce Deity and Majora to ensure they would cause no greater turmoil.

What are your thoughts on this Zelda  theory? Is your power level over 9000? Join in the discussion below.

Source: GameOverJesse (Youtube)

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