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Zelda Youtuber and theorist GameOverJesse has released another awesome theory, this time looking at Majora’s Mask and the similarities between adult Link and Fierce Deity Link. The theory also tells of an idea that Majora and the Fierce Deity are perhaps counterparts to Hyrule’s Link and Ganondorf, imprisoned in masks rather than resurrected iteratively. Make the jump to check out the video!

Animator and YouTube member ArtistGamerGal recently posted their latest video. A parody of the transformation sequence from Sailor Moon only with Link as the Sailor Guardian titled Sailor Majora’s Moon Mask. In the video we see Link in his fight with Majora put on the Fierce Deity mask which activates the transformation. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

Eggbusters is back this week with a new episode featuring an interesting pair of glitches found in Majora’s Mask. Of the many glitches abundant in all of Termina, the two practiced by none other than Austin himself involve possessing Epona and Fierce Deity Link in ways they weren’t intended to be. Hit the jump to see what happens!

After the original Man at Arms team created Link’s Master Sword, the revamped Man at Arms: Reforged team have returned to the Zelda series, this time constructing the Fierce Deity sword from Majora’s Mask. Make the jump to check out this masterful team of craftsmen forge and use the iconic double-edged blade!

The blog kabutopss on tumblr posted a picture of their homemade Fierce Deity Link cosplay! The quality is great, and Fierce Deity is always a cool character to portray. Hit the jump to see it for yourself!

Greetings and salutations! You have found yourself once again at another Zelda Artist Exposition—the feature series where I exhibit a new artist for your viewing pleasure. In case you are new these writings, suggestions are always welcome. If you know of an artist you would like featured, please comment. And if you do not know of someone, comment anyway and show some support. Anyway, our feature for this week is the esteemed UNIesque.

In this weeks collection video we take at the Fierce Deity Link Statue, created by First 4 Figures. Originally released in Q4 2006, this statue has since become a rare and expensive collectible. Retailing at $129.99 at launch, nowadays it is hard to find this statue for anything less than $700. Since it rarely pops up for sale, I’ve seen it sell for as much as $1200 on auction websites. The statue is based around the official artwork from Majora’s…