Majora’s Mask English Commercials

A little over a week ago, I updated about the various Majora’s Mask Japanese Commercials. Well today, we have their English counterparts. There were a couple commercials released and they were all focused around the same basic theme. A young boy is playing Majora’s Mask while trapped in some sort of glass room. His playthrough is aired on TV’s all across the world as people watch him play, all while the moon is falling above them. It really does give off this feeling of dread as the End of the World draws near. The music that is played is a good addition as well.

There was a shortered version of this same commercial, as well as another promotional version where Nintendo teamed up with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as the WWE. In this one it shows two of its wrestlers at the time, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in the ring, while footage of the game is aired on the big screen.

Majora’s Mask was really a dark game and it really seems that Nintendo was advertising it as such. In all the English commercials for the game, there was very little gameplay showed, while a majority of the footage was based around building the mood. They really did a good job at this, but perhaps more emphasis could have been put on the gameplay, such as showing some footage of the unique mask abilities.

So what do you think about these commercials? Did you think it made the game overly creepy? Was this a really good ad campaign? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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