GameXplain just uploaded a video showing off one of the more unexpected changes in Majora’s Mask 3D, impacting the swimming controls: essentially, swimming in this game will be about half the speed of the original, to make it a lot easier to control, especially in the cramped environments of the Great Bay Temple.

You can still reach the original speed, though: if you use the shield attack with the R-button, you’ll move as fast as you did originally, although at the cost of some magic.

Honestly, I actually love this change in the game. The original controls were very good, and the sense of velocity that they had was awesome, but they were way too hard to control at times, which could become annoying. This way, it’s the best of both worlds: slow, precise control for some parts, but with the old velocity for the open oceans of the overworld, although at the cost of some magic. It also gives some much-needed use to the shield attack, which never felt too necessary (I never even noticed it was there when I was a kid, which seems like a warning sign that it was only useful in certain situations).

What do you guys think? Was this worth the change, or do you miss the old controls? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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