Nintendo released their yearly financial report and things are looking up for both Nintendo and Zelda fans. The only Zelda game reported with official figures being updated was Majora’s Mask 3D. So we still don’t have any officially updated figures for The Wind Waker HD or A Link Between Worlds, but chances are sales have slowed down on those titles dramatically. What we do know is that as of today, Majora’s Mask 3D has sold 2.03 million units across the globe. The game is well on the way to beating out known sales figures for A Link Between Worlds and could even creep up to match Ocarina of Time 3D.

Speaking of excellent sales, Nintendo has posted their first total net gain since they began the overall losses two years ago. They net profit this past fiscal year was 41.8 billion yen (around 350 million) with a operating profit of 24.7 billion yen (around 207 million). These figures are actually higher than what many analysts expected, so it’s safe to say Nintendo has had a huge bounce back year. They will likely remain profitable for the new fiscal year and maybe even the next, with the true risk coming again when new hardware is released. Of course, there are other areas to consider now, as Nintendo has yet to come to market with their first stage in the health market.

Nintendo is also investing in new theme park attractions, but in general those should show an overall net gain in their first year of existence.

Source: Nintendo

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