It’s not like this is a bad game. Everyone is raving about the shadow and light concepts, and how the story is very well put together and the level design and gameplay is brilliant. The real issue? It’s carries a bit of Zelda syndrome, which is considered a big problem. The story moves smoothly for half the game and everything seems great. Then it has a major plot twist to force you to collect 6 more items. Sure, plot twists aren’t bad, but there is no story progression while you are collecting these 6 items. This makes the entire second half of the game feel stale people claim. It’s ironic it gets docked so many points for this, since Twilight Princess essentially had the exact same thing happen. Never the less, people say it’s a Wii game worth playing. You can check out the reviews at Joystiq and IGN to find out a bit more if this game is for you.

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