Link's Awakeing Screenshot

ONM, Official Nintendo Magazine, UK has regular fan’s-eye view blogs on their site, and this one called “Looking forward to Zelda: Link’s Awakening on 3DS” comes from dudettecolette. The blog goes over her memories with the original Link’s Awakening and how she’s looking forward to seeing it on the 3DS virtual console.

The blogger hasn’t played the DX color version on Game Boy Color, so this is an even more exciting step for her. Then there will also be plenty of us who haven’t played Link’s Awakening at all, so this is all new territory. A valid question she raises is whether we’ll see anything new, or whether this is the standard straight port to the 3DS virtual console. Either way it’s worth the excitement. For those who have played it in the past, what are you looking forward to most in this release, and if you haven’t played it, are you excited about finally getting to experience it?

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