As you can see above, there is a poster advertising some buildable Skyward Sword toys, though several of the images appear to be Twilight Princess placeholders, with only the Scorpion standing out as an actual SS item. This would be, of course, because we haven’t seen anything new about the game, but it’s nice to note there are plans in the works to release a line of toys… at least in the UK.

There is also a big slew of Sonic toys coming out in celebration of Sonic’s 20th birthday:



The Sonic collection is called “Sonic Through TIme” and includes several statues with various sizes showing Sonic over the years as his image has changed. Naturally, as you can see above, some nice plushes have been created as well for the gaming nerd in all of us.

What toy fair is complete without a Mario sighting?

mariokartwiilegos (1).jpg

It is unknown if this is the official “Lego” brand, but it’s clear this will be coming out later as a complete set. Rather impressive considering the rare combination of the two. Now, where’s my Hyrule castle lego set? No release dates are set for any of the above toys, but we’re hopeful some will make there way stateside.

Source: Video Game Memorial Museum

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