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Heather from St. Louis is one hell of a skilled Ocarina player. Her YouTube channel has near 17,000 subscribers and it is no wonder once you’ve seen one of her videos. There are a wealth of gaming songs, of course including plenty of Zelda. She doesn’t play just the usuals though. There are videos of Sheik’s theme, Lake Hylia, and plenty more to get you giddy. The Pokemon classic “Lugia’s Theme” is another great tune that she pulls off perfectly.

Personally, I’m still listening to her music, because it is fantastic. Not to mention seeing her collection of Ocarinas ranging from Ocarina of Time replicas to Hylian Sheild designs. Be sure to check her out, and if you enjoy it as much as I do, then do not fear. You can purchase her CD “Echoes of Gerudo Valley (Music from “The Legend of Zelda” On Ocarina)” from iTunes. Not only that, but in support of her album she is doing a live online Ocarina music concert on Saturday May 7 at 6pm Central Standard Time. You can view it at Jump inside for a video sample and the video about the concert. Expect me to remind you all the day its on.

Source: Kotaku

Lake Hylia Theme From Twilight Princess

Live Concert Details

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