If I was forced to pick one song to represent the wonders and joys of adventure, then I’d pick The Wind Waker‘s “Dragon Roost Island”. As the player makes their way to the first true dungeon in the game, the wonderful vistas of Dragon Roost Island will inspire awe and joy. When you combine these beautiful vistas with the rousing musical theme, you have unforgettable moments that fans can treasure forever.

This new arrangement of “Dragon Roost Island” by Taylor Davis is bound to bring memories back of The Wind Waker. This version of the song uses Davis’ violin as an anchor, building the entire arrangement around the instrument. The song is fleshed out with thunderous drums, rousing horns, and a delicate piano. The changes in tempo and tone are my favorite part of the arrangement. For example, the song transitions from booming and powerful to quiet and contemplative at different points in the run time.

The video is sure to get fans in the mood for adventure. Shot on a serene beach, the video captures the beautiful sights that so many fans adored in The Wind Waker.

What do you think of Davis’s version of “Dragon Roost Island”? Let us know in the comments below!

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