The music in Breath of the Wild has received some mixed reviews amongst the Zelda fan base as quite a few seem to think that the music in the new Zelda game was too quiet. Though Breath of the Wild‘s soundtrack is a little different from other Zelda games, it is no secret that the soundtrack ties in well with the game’s ambiance. One of the most memorable tracks in Breath of the Wild is the Hyrule Castle Theme as it is not only nostalgic, but it sounds very similar to the other Zelda games’ Hyrule Castle themes. If you’re still a little reluctant to embrace the new game’s music, this beautiful cover on the Hyrule Castle Theme by Melody Geeks, might just change your mind.

Opening with some amazing piano playing and eerie vocals, the Melody Geeks embody the feeling of determination one feels as they travel through Hyrule Castle for the final time. The atmosphere of this castle is suspenseful and foreboding, especially with numerous monsters guarding the building, and the Melody Geeks do an excellent job as they capture the essence of this final obstacle. The music group even added some stunning vocals and electric guitar parts as their own twist, which adds to the awesomeness of the song. You can watch the video above for the entire orchestral cover by the Melody Geeks.

What did you think of the cover? What are your thoughts on the soundtrack from Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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