Link’s Awakening has an important role in the history of the Zelda series. Not only was the 1993 title the first handheld Zelda game, but the limitations of the Game Boy resulted in a smaller scale Zelda project that was filled with unconventional characters and gameplay experiments. In many ways, Link’s Awakening set the stage for a game like Majora’s Mask, which would present a host of unusual characters and unconventional gameplay ideas. One of the charms of the game is the “fantasy” quality that is inherent to the story of the game.

The fantastical aspects of Link’s Awakening lend themselves to dream-like music, which allows for many excellent and unusual covers and rearrangements of the soundtrack. This synthwave medley by GLASYS is an excellent representation of the dream-like and fantastical aspects of the game. This medley has a variety of songs from the game including:

  • “Sword Search”
  • “Mabe Village”
  • “Cave”
  • “Inside A House”
  • “Dream Shrine”
  • “Southern Face Shrine”

In addition to the songs from Link’s Awakening, GLASYS also includes a gorgeous synthwave rendition of “Zelda’s Lullaby”, which serves as the exclamation point for the medley. The musician rounds out the eleven-minute medley with some beautiful chords and improvised interludes. Overall, GLASYS does a great job of moving from the lighter and more energetic themes like “Mabe Village” and “Inside A House” and the more haunting themes like “Southern Face Shrine”. It is fitting since Link’s Awakening explores the thin line between dreams and nightmares. 

What do you think of this Link’s Awakening synthwave medley by GLASYS? Are there any songs that you wish were included? Let us know in the comments below!

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