One of the most popular things about the Zelda franchise is its amazing music. Each of the Zelda games has had a variety of songs that many fans and players have grown to love dearly. In addition, these songs have become so popular now, that many will easily recognize a tune just by listening to the melody. A very well-known tune from Ocarina of Time called Saria’s Song is one of the most beloved by Zelda fans. This little tune has made quite an impact on the Zelda community, and has prompted many talented musicians to form their own covers of the song.

Gina Luciani, who is an accomplished flute player, has recently released her own arrangement of Saria’s Song on her YouTube channel. This arrangement is not played on the flute though, but on the ocarina instead. In fact, Luciani uses three different types of ocarinas in her musical composition! She uses a bass ocarina, a soprano ocarina, and a tenor ocarina altogether to form her incredible cover of the popular tune. So if Saria’s Song happens to be one of your Zelda favorites, be sure watch the video above for Luciani’s beautiful adaptation. It really makes one feel as though he or she is in the Lost Woods themselves, looking for that special friend.

What did you think of the ocarina cover? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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