Since Breath of the Wild came out, new music from the game has made its way into the hearts of Zelda fans. The new music provides a mixture of relaxation, nostalgia, and action as our hero ventures through the Hyrule Kingdom. One of the new songs in the game is the theme from Hateno Village. This song really gives the player the sensation of being back in one’s old town, ready to mingle with old friends. Not only that, but Hateno Village is the perfect spot to slow one’s pace and stack up on some supplies.

Although the original song is quite lovely, a talented Zelda fan took it to the next level and created his own version. Sam Griffin Guitar put his musical skills to the test and made an acoustic version of the Hateno Village theme. This cover is a little slower compared to the original, but when such a soothing composition is paired with the sounds of an acoustic guitar, the results are wonderful and perfect for some reading music.

You can check out the video above for the complete song and visit Sam Griffin Guitar’s channel for more guitar covers. Be sure to also let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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