Fan renditions of Zelda songs are nothing new. Zelda lovers have been making remixes and covers of their favorite songs for years, but one fan has released a cover of the Dark World theme that is a little different. What sets it apart are the instruments with which he chose to play the song.

YouTuber Laurens Weyn produced an entire version of the Dark World theme with a floppy disk drive, a 3D printer, and a hard drive. With a MIDI file, he gets the three pieces of hardware to come together and perform a piece of music.

In the Dark World theme cover, the hard drive seems to keep tempo while the floppy drive plays something akin to a base line, and the 3D printer performs the main melody. Together, the three instruments creature a very discernible tune. Any fan of A Link to the Past should recognize the song pretty quick.

Laurens Weyn has other videos on YouTube mostly relating to computer equipment and Minecraft. Weyn is from South Africa and has even created his own operating system called PIX-OS.

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