Maybe dreams do come true. Link will be making his way into Mario Kart 8 as a DLC character along with a few new tracks. The pack includes, well, Link! The hero of Hyrule! The version of Link featured is from Skyward Sword, and he looks right at home next to his Mario Brothers (I MADE A PUN!) His karts also get the Hylian crest!

Each add-on pack for Mario Kart 8 will come with two new cups, meaning that you get eight new race courses per pack! There are two packs, meaning, yes, you will be able to increase the number of courses in the game by sixteen! The packs are scheduled for November of this year and May of next year, with both costing £7.00.

In addition to Link, the Animal Crossing villagers and Isabelle will enter the race. Dry Bones Bowser joins the crew with Tanooki Mario and Peach as well. There are also tracks based around ExciteBike, Zelda, and F-Zero included. Special karts based around other franchises like F-Zero are included as well.

Source: Nintendo Store

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