Since its release Ocarina of Time 3D has done very well. In two weeks after its release in the US it sold 283,000 units. For the month of June it is the 2nd best selling title. These numbers are exceptionally impressive, especially when you consider that the game was only available in the month of June for 11 days. To put that more simply, Zelda out sold nearly every other video game in 1/3 as much time.

Here’s an additional statistic: of all the 3DS titles released thus far in Japan, Ocarina of Time is the 2nd best selling while the first is Professor Layton Mask of Miracles which was released nearly 4 months prior during Japan’s 3DS release.

Another shock is the ratio of games to 3DS units: for just over 1 million 3ds units sold thus far, the Ocarina of Time 3D sales mean that around 20% of 3DS owners own a copy of the game.

Link’s Awakening DX for the 3DS e-shop is also the second best selling with the 1st being excite bike, a game which was free to most 3DS owners. Link’s Awakening even beat out Super Mario Land for e-shop sales.

All of these statistics point to one thing that Nintendo representatives have always said: The sales of Nintendo games and hardware are based on their titles. The jump in sales of the 3DS from May to June was in the neighborhood of 400%. The reason? My bet would be that it was Ocarina of Time 3D’s upcoming release.

Do you find the figures shocking? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: GoNintendo
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