Link Cosplay by PikminLink

This Link cosplay photo shoot (from Rising Sun) is brilliant! The outfit is bang on, the scenery is great and the photo quality is spectacular. Even though the person cosplaying as Link is a girl, it actually stills works out rather well! The girl in these photos is PikminLink. In total there are four photos displayed here and each one has positive points but also negative ones. Nevertheless, this is still some of the best Link cosplaying I have ever seen. Link’s hair and ears are accurate, but they do look a bit superficial. Despite this, Link’s outfit is perfect. The sword and shield are also fantastically similar to the ones in the game and they appear to be well made. The little details put into the clothes are much like the ones found on Twilight Princess Link’s outfit and they make a big difference. The expression on the girl’s face is not unlike the real Link’s and it looks awesome. Click ‘Read More’ for the rest of the pictures.

Let’s start with this first photo. I’m not entirely sure what the background is meant to be, it appears to be some kind of black door. I think the plain background is good, though because you can see Link up against it but towards the left there is a bit of over exposure from the lighting. The door features also seem to fade below the sword. I think the sword being blurred makes the photo look less real and even if it was deliberate; I would like to have seen perhaps a different choice for effect. Even so, Link in the background looks almost flawless. The facial expression along with the outfit and weaponry makes the perfect look for Link.

And finishing off with this last photo, I love how simple this one is. There is a blurred, green background which works because the main focus is obviously on Link here. The close up is a good idea and it makes a good impact. The hair looks slightly fake, which is a small issue, but here the rest of the photo looks so good that you barely even notice it. Link’s hat looks awesome here, despite the obvious clip used to keep it in place. This girl has done such a fantastic job at mimicking Link’s expressions, so again here the face looks perfect. Especially as this is a close up photo, they have done an excellent of hiding the girl’s real ears and replacing them with elf ears to complete Link’s costume. The positioning of Link in this photo is superb as well.

So I think despite some minor flaws, these photos are outstanding! PikminLink has gone to extreme lengths to put together a spectacular Link outfit and the photos are remarkable. I really love these photos and I hope you guys do too!

What do you think of these photos? How do you feel about Link being cosplayed by a girl? Let us know in the comments!

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