Like her or not, Lindsey Stirling has been extremely influential in bringing the violin out of the concert hall and into the mainstream as an instrument of modern music. Her fame has not only escalated from original works, but a number of her hits are melodies crafted from some of entertainment’s most memorable series’. That being said, it’s known by many fans of the

Zelda series that Stirling has a piece dedicated to it as well as a music video to go along with it. Many of you have probably already heard the song, but you can check out the video above to see it “live”. If you have never seen her perform on stage before, I urge you to check this out to get a taste of the experience.

What do you think of Stirling’s performance? Do you enjoy the energy that she brings to the stage? What’s your favorite fan-made rendition of music from

The Legend of Zelda? Let us know in the comments below.

If you like what you hear, don’t forget to check out Lindsey’s YouTube channel for more music videos of her work. No joke, her music gives me chills…every time.

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