DSi XLWe are not ones to toot our own horn: There are indeed better sites on the internet then us. It’s a fact of life. No matter how good you get, there is always something, or someone, better. If there isn’t? There will be rather quickly. The New England Patriots now 3 seasons ago went undefeated and were the best team in American Football… until they lost the Super Bowl and were no longer the best. However, we do strive, regardless of it being a never ending cycle, to give you guys everything you want in a Zelda site.

Maybe you hate us, or secretly love to hate us. Maybe were your home page, or listed as your number one feed in your private RSS. Possibly you only found us now, and you still just don’t know. Maybe you came from one of hundreds of sites linking to different content on this site. Hell, maybe you came here to see “how not do to a fan site”. One thing is for certain: You guys do come here, so there must be something that keeps you coming back.

That being the case, if you really do like us, you now have a chance to show it! In what is technically a meaningless contest, Zelda Informer is competing against several other Nintendo related sites to win an early release Nintendo DSi XL. Simply head on over to DSI-XL.co.uk and submit a comment, mention our site and why you think it’s great. In fact, why don’t you do that here? Why do you like us? Hell, why do you hate us? Let us know.

If we do win this Nintendo DSi XL, there is a chance we may simply just give it away to the fans, since it would be you guys would, after all, be the reason we won.

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