First and foremost, for those of you who are followers of not only Zelda Dungeon, but of the entire Zelda Community, its hard to miss the Exploding Deku Nut’s annual awards. The results were posted last night and I’m proud to say that Zelda Dungeon was awarded the Golden Mirror Shield for a Lifetime Achievement. It really is an honor to be recognized in the community at this pinnacle. I’d like to thank Darth Citrus for the award. I’d also like to thank everybody that nominated Zelda Dungeon for the award, many of which had nice kind words to say. The fans of Zelda Dungeon are who I’d like to thank as well, since without a fan base, there would be no Zelda Dungeon. Most importantly, I’d like to thank the people closest to me, Caleb, Cartoons, and Avenged. While the award was given to Zelda Dungeon and highlighted my accomplishments, much of this would have never happened without all of your contributions throughout the years. I’m really grateful to have found such great helpers and more importantly, great friends. Thanks a bunch!!!

On to our regular site updates. I have three new In-depth Phantom Hourglass guides ready for today. A fishing quest guide, a Maze Island guide, and a trading sequence guide. They are very in-depth and will help you get the last remaining heart containers or items that you are looking for to fully complete the game. A special thanks to HomeWan from Gamefaqs for the sweet maps that we now have in the Golden Frogs page as well as the new Maze Island guide. Also, some of the guides (in particular the fishing guide), might seem just a tad squished together with all the images. This is because it is actually geared for our new layout that will offer a much wider content area. The layout is coming along nicely in case you are wondering. 🙂

The significance of this update is that this is it, I’m satisfied enough with the Phantom Hourglass section, that it is now time to move on. No section is ever truly ‘complete’ at Zelda Dungeon and I’m certain I’ll come back and some point in time and rework Phantom Hourglass content. I’m going to leave the section on a side and finally move on to other games that need more attention. Still not certain what that is, but over the next few updates, you’ll begin seeing a flow of other Zelda game content. Also, expect more updates about the Zelda Dungeon Alliance within the next few days. Until then, be sure to check out the last Phantom Hourglass pages and our awesome award at the Exploding Deku Nut.

Golden Mirror Shield Award for Lifetime Achievement
Phantom Hourglass Fishing Guide
Phantom Hourglass Maze Island Guide
Phantom Hourglass Trading Sequence

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